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06 July 2017

Education has taken tremendous strides in the Digital Age. In many respects, with wide-ranging and readily available information on the World Wide Web, education has become far more interactive and ever-more demanding of our teachers.

Education and information are no longer the preserve of lofty teachers imparting pearls of wisdom to their students; education has become progressively `democratised’. This poses ever-increasing challenges to our amazing Reddam House teachers, to be endlessly inventive, skilled, entertaining and creative in the increasingly subtle `Art of Teaching’. A vital element of good teaching today lies in guidance with integrity and caring custodianship.

To this end, I applaud what Ben Johnson has to say that:

“Great teachers engineer learning experiences that put students in the driver’s seat and then get out of the way.”

Let’s not forget that before you get to drive a vehicle, you need a learner’s license. There is a need to research and learn a great deal of theory which you then apply by putting that theory into practice. By the time the student takes the driver’s seat, he or she needs to have assimilated a great deal of theoretical information as Ben Johnson suggests, based on their own education, experience, skill, wisdom and values as the teacher’s task is that of custodian and guide. They point out potholes, other vehicles, tight turns and cul-de-sacs. They also prompt and assist our students to observe and drive according to the Rules of the Road, proactively anticipating and avoiding accidents so that our students arrive timeously and safely at their ultimate destination, with the teacher as navigator and the student with his or her eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.

For this reason, Reddam House provides outstanding, carefully selected teachers, in all aspects of our well-rounded, enriching and global education. Our education is designed to inspire students to maximise their innate potential anywhere in the world. Our students are encouraged to remain sensitive to and aware of their responsibility to the mandate of our Reddam House motto, “We Shall Give Back”, thereby looking after those less fortunate along the way.

As we fast approach the half-way mark of the year with our incredibly special family of learner drivers, we will not settle for less than our very best as we guide and navigate them. We aim to make it the most amazing journey for them. We work towards creating an environment where they live every moment of their educational journey to the full! We will continue to share our wisdom, knowledge, passion and vision. We will work with our wonderfully colourful, beautiful and unique students to ensure that they have the will and capacity to negotiate, navigate and reach any destination in our city, our country or in the world on their own.

Reddam House understands how important education is in equipping our students to move forward assertively, proactively and with integrity into the global future with pride and confidence, inspiring true excellence in international education.


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